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Bilbo Baggins.

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Aperitif, Coquilles, Savoureux

Dryer shopping because ours died, and this salesman asked if I was interested in any attachments.

I was, and still am, so confused. It dries clothes?? Wtf kind of attachments can you have????? ITS’ LITERAL ONLY FUNCTION IS TO DRY CLOTHES


If it seems a little cheap to suggest that cop shows have a gay subtext, this one made it unavoidable: the two California detectives were forever stripping to jogging shorts, unbuttoning disco shirts and, on one notable occasion, entering a sauna clothed in only skimpy yellow towels accessorized with holsters. When Starsky is shot, Hutch cradles him pietà-style, wrapping him tenderly in a red-and-white checked tablecloth. Starsky jokes bravely: ”Don’t let me fool you! I played Camille in high school.” It’s the gayest scene outside Middle Earth. [x]

Yet viewed in retrospect, their bond seems at very least a curious one. Putting aside the ubiquitous costumes and leather, or Starsky’s Coca-Cola-striped Ford Torino and Hutch’s immense .357 Magnum handgun, which McLuhan or Freud might well have had a field day with, the drama always seems built around the specific gravity of their friendship. There is much of what can only be termed flirting—compliments, mutual admiration, sly winks, sidelong glances, knowing smiles. They are constantly touching each other or indulging in excruciating cheek and banter—or else going “undercover” in various fey disguises. [x]

Anyone familiar with “Starsky & Hutch” knows that each episode ended with a very ambiguously gay moment between the two men. [x]

And if there’s one cop show from the ’70s that’s jam-packed with subtext, it’s Starsky & Hutch. The story of two plain-clothes detectives who broke the rules to catch the crook, S&H were different from other buddy cops, in that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Though attempts were made to re-enforce the duo’s heterosexuality, in practically every episode the buddies were hugging, touching, rolling around together in the heat of action, and perhaps dressed only in towels and shoulder holsters (Very hot!). Amazingly, the movie version of Starsky & Hutch practically ignores this crucial part of their relationship, which significantly lessens the parody. [x]

And speaking of chemistry, the show has a small but vocal following as gay entertainment; it’s thought that Starsky and Hutch are “partners” in more than one sense of the word. The subtext is certainly there (what with all the winking and sly looks and jovial laughter, and the way each pouts when his partner has a date), and watching for it makes the show that much more entertaining. [x]

Perhaps already worried about the series having a gay subtext, the script identifies our heroes as men’s men in their first full scene together:

Starsky: You still seeing what’s her name?
Hutch: Sure. I took her to the whatchamacallit. Then I gave her my thigamajig.
Starsky: I didn’t know it was serious.
Hutch: It isn’t.

Ultimately, no matter how hard they tried, that tough quality the producers sought never really asserted itself. “We’re not like most partners,” Hutch says later, and he’s right. They share a winning and somewhat sweet chemistry, bickering like the leads in a romantic comedy more than anything else. [x]

Fans of Starsky & Hutch should def check out Hill Street Blues. It’s darker than S&H typically is, but it also has the cop duo that purportedly inspired S&H; Bobby Hill and Andrew Renko. They’re part of an ensemble cast, and the show is great on its’ own merits, but you have fucking got to watch it for the bond between Bobby and Andy.

Every one of their story lines, EVERY. ONE, revolves around their relationship with each other. The show also addresses continuously the difficulties encountered in interracial partnerships (Bobby is black), both the tensions within the partnership and the shit they get from outside. Did I mention they’re cute motherfuckers too?

Like S&H they seem to have come to an agreement that their personal space includes the other guy;

Bobby hauls Renko around, Renko is all about putting hands on Bobby. In the ensemble shots like roll call, the two can almost always be seen pressed against each other’s side, head bent as they talk and giggle like a pair of fools. And the talking? They are always talking. The come on and go off camera in their own and other’s scenes chattering away at each other. Andy bitching away at the top of his voice and Bobby’s laughing response is a frequent background noise. Also like S&H, the focus on their relationship allows for them to have more emotions than usually allowed in the typical cop show, and it does nothing but good for their characters. They cry together (a lot, they will break your heart), they giggle, they fight, they laugh, THEY FUCKING APOLOGIZE TO EACH OTHER (seriously why is that so goddamn rare in tv). 

Did I mention the complete lack of No Homo going on? They both have relationships with women, but they are all explored in the stories as something more than no homo. Andy and Bobby also have zero shame about how close they are and are always all over each other in public. Everyone else in the squadroom knows you don’t have one without the other, it’s never just Andy or Bobby, it’s always where are Hill and Renko. The squad immediately knows something is wrong if the one shows up without the other. They jump into each other’s conversations like a married couple, and boy do they fight like one. 

And btw, despite it premiering in ‘81, the two ators are just as devoid of No Homo as the characters, and are IRL Heterosexual Life Partners. 

PLAYBOY: Are there any other in-house romances?

BOSSON: Yes. Charlie Haid and Michael Warren.

ENRIQUEZ: Barbara! You shouldn’t say those things!

THOMAS: Well, I don’t know what it is, but they’re awfully close.

PLAYBOY: Do you guys want to respond to that?

HAID [Renko]: We do a couple of things together. But we’re just a couple of silly old farts. We actually put our dressing rooms together.

WARREN [Hill]: I do like to see him change clothes.

Andy also repeatedly refers to Bobby as his Main Squeeze. He has called his girlfriends his squeeze on occasion, but none has ever been placed before that all-important relationship with Bobby. 

Even if you don’t end up shipping them, you’re gonna invest in their relationship like mad. They support and care for each other so fucking much. They make each other better people, better cops and just plain happier. 

This has been a completely unsolicited advertisement for Hill Street Blues.



I forgot the name of carmilla so I said that and google found it, I’m crying


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The FILM LOVER CHALLENGE A.K.A. COUCH POTATO CHALLENGE. List 15 movies that you love as fast as you can! Then tag 5 humans. Non-humans are okay too.

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  1. The Hobbit (Animated)
  2. Treasure of the Sierra Madrea
  3. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  4. Robin Hood (Disney)
  5. RocknRolla
  6. Becket
  7. V for Vendetta
  8. His Girl Friday
  9. Zulu
  10. Walk in the Sun
  11. Sleuth (Michael Caine & Jude Law version)
  12. Addams Family (Both movies)
  13. RED
  14. Expendables Franchise (Shit blows up, what more do you want out of life?)
  15. High Plains Drifter

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